“Megan joined the Molson Coors Graphics Studio for a week’s work experience from 1st-5th Feb 2016. Megan was set a brief to come up with ideas for an Instagram campaign for Cobra beer. She worked professionally and managed her time well. I was very impressed with her strong work ethic and dedication to generating a well thought through response which aligned to brand values, target audience and key aims set in the brief. Megan’s approach was very strong, taking time to carefully research and understand the brand, key competitors and the market place before beginning brainstorming concepts. Her thought process was both logical and creative and she demonstrated that she has the ability to build ideas into engaging and relevant executions. Megan presented her work articulately and confidently. She also developed new skills in Photoshop and InDesign which she adapted to with enthusiasm. I believe that Megan will be successful in her career as she has shown huge talent.”
Jules Alexander - Mentor (Lead Graphic Designer) 
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